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What Is Inside A Hydraulic Power Pack & How Does it Work?

Posted by John Wheway on Dec 21, 2018 9:40:00 AM

What Is Inside a Hydraulic Power Pack and How Does it Work

A hydraulic power pack is a portable power delivery system that holds energy for a hydraulic mechanism. The simplest way to think about what a hydraulic power pack is to consider the role of an electric battery, which stores energy for a circuit to draw on when needed. Hydraulic power packs are used in a wide range of industrial applications and machines, especially where there is no direct access to a power source.

A single power pack may be linked to multiple hydraulic mechanisms, while some hydraulic systems require two or more power packs to operate.

Power Pack Components & How They Function

1) Power Source

A hydraulic power pack charges by drawing power from an electrical source, e.g. a generator, external motor or mains. Direct current power packs run from a renewable energy source or generator, while alternating current versions simply plug into the electric grid. Some power backs can also draw their charge from internal combustion engines or air motors.

Hydraulic power packs are designed to operate continuously, drawing a charge from the power source as needed.

2) Motor

The motor draws energy into the power pack and disperses it to the hydraulic system via the control valve. The motor will usually deliver power under rotational force via a shaft of some kind.

3) Sensors

Power packs come with a number of safety and control sensors that may include;

  • Load sensors
  • Automatic torque limiters
  • Time adjustment delay controls.
  • Controls for acceleration and deceleration.

These sensors can be programmed by operators to increase automation or avoid risk factors – such as automatic shutoff on overheating – which may damage the equipment.

4) Control Valve

Whichever specific control systems are offered by the power pack, it will always supply hydraulic power via some type of control valve which runs to another machine. Depending on the exact power pack in question, the control valve will be subject to other controlling components, such as:

  • Pressure valves,
  • Directional control valves or
  • Flow control valves.

Auxiliary Components

Auxiliary components are used to integrate a power pack into the hydraulic system. These may include

  • Couplings,
  • Manifold block,
  • Air intake vents
  • Fluid control elements such as suction pipes, return pipes and reservoir tanks.

Professional Help With Hydraulic Power Packs

At Ranger Caradoc, we design bespoke power packs with the components you need to operate your application efficiently and safely. We also provide replacement parts and upgrades for existing power packs. Call us today for impartial advice and a free quote.

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