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Standard Vs Custom Hydraulic Power Pack Design – What's The Difference?

Posted by John Wheway on Dec 20, 2018 9:37:53 AM

Standard Vs Custom Hydraulic Power Pack Design – What's the Difference

Hydraulic power packs may come with standard configurations or be custom designed. Which option offers the best value for money? This all depends on the range of functions you require from your system. What factors should you consider when making your purchase decision?

First it is important to note there is no single ‘standard’ design for a hydraulic power pack. Different suppliers will offer differing configurations, and many will supply both ‘standard’ and bespoke power packs.

If you choose to go for an off-the-shelf solution, then there are plenty of different models to select between, each with their own power ratings and drive systems.

Power Output

Typical standard power packs range from between 0.55kW and 22kW output, although custom ones will often exceed either end of this scale.

Maintenance & Spare Parts

A standard power pack may be easier to maintain and repair: not because standard power packs are inherently easier - or more difficult – to maintain than custom ones, but merely because standard packs have common components that are simpler to source when replacements are needed. This may reduce maintenance costs and downtime in the event of repairs being required.

Operating Costs

That said, a custom design will often have many standard components within it, depending on the application it will be used for. Furthermore, custom designs are often better suited to the type of hydraulic job they will be performing, which means that running costs for bespoke solutions are lower than they would otherwise be.

Designing A Customer Power Pack

Many operators find that bespoke power packs provide higher lifetime return on investment than a standard unit, but this very much depends on your application. At Ranger Caradoc, our design service means that we can produce a bespoke unit for you if a standard one does not meet your needs. Businesses with specialist applications for their hydraulic power packs should not think they simply need to select one with the closest power rating.

At the most basic level, our approach is to adapt existing designs to meet particular requirements. However, if this is not practical then an entirely new design can be put together from scratch.

Standard Or Bespoke?

Given a relatively simple project, we can advise you which standard unit to choose from our extensive range. Alternatively, we can provide you with a fully bespoke design service which means you obtain a hydraulic power pack that is completely tailored to your needs. Please call us on 01299 896 953 to find out more.

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