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When Would You Be Likely To Need A Bespoke Hydraulic Cylinder?

Posted by John Wheway on Sep 5, 2019 5:12:00 PM

When Would You Be Likely To Need A Bespoke Hydraulic Cylinder?

Several hundred different standard-design hydraulic cylinders exist for a variety of applications, meaning you don’t normally need to pay to have a cylinder custom-designed. However, in some cases, none of the standard options fit, or you may require a specific performance output not matched by an available component. That’s where bespoke hydraulic cylinders come in.

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Bespoke cylinders are individually designed to factor in all the nuances of your hydraulic system and operating environment in order to improve its functional quality and longevity. In what circumstances might you need a bespoke hydraulic cylinder?

1) Dealing With Non-Standard Parameters

Hydraulic systems have a predictable range of outputs, giving them broad similarities and making standardised parts possible. However, if the equipment has non-standard parameters, fitting it with a standard component can be problematic. In many cases, it’s possible to factor a standard cylinder into a non-standard equation. However, doing so may reduce the efficiency of the system and lower its output.

2) Building The System From Scratch

If you are designing a system from scratch, as is common with OEMs, you need to optimise it to suit your needs. Working your system around a standardised hydraulic cylinder can be time-consuming and ineffective and is the wrong approach to engineering design. Investing in a custom hydraulic cylinder can help you optimise your equipment. The cylinder components can be designed to the exact length and diameter necessary for the system.

3) Adapting To The Environment 

When your system is designed to work in specific conditions such as a deep-sea environment or high temperatures, the components must be made of suitable materials. Sometimes, standardised hydraulic cylinders fit the system but don’t fit the environmental conditions. A bespoke cylinder can be fabricated from suitable materials in order to withstand extreme temperature and pressure fluctuations.

4) Lowering Maintenance Costs 

Using an off-the-shelf cylinder inside a machine it’s not designed for makes system maintenance complicated and often costly. A purpose designed component, on the other hand, fits in seamlessly with the other parts – leading to smoother operation and a reduced risk of errors. Even though the initial cost of a bespoke hydraulic cylinder is higher than a standard component, over time it can deliver a higher ROI due to lower maintenance costs.

5) Searching For Telescopic Cylinders

The majority of standard cylinders available on the market today are tie-rod cylinders. Finding a standard telescopic cylinder to meet your needs can be tough. Making sure it fits your system is even tougher. Designing a bespoke telescopic cylinder ensures the perfect operation of your hydraulic system. In terms of saved time and improved compatibility, ordering a bespoke telescopic cylinder is often more cost effective than trying to find an appropriate standard design.

6) Improved Mounting Options 

The correct cylinder mountings are vital for efficient system performance, and using sub-optimal designs can lead to installation errors. Bespoke solutions offer special mounting styles and deal with unusual port and pin locations, so even if your design works with a standard cylinder configuration, you may wish to consider investing in some bespoke mountings.

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